Our Team

Mia Caintic

Asians in Music (AIM), Co-founder
Mia is a singer-songwriter based in Auckland, New Zealand. Born in Manila, Philippines, she moved to New Zealand with her family at the age of 9.She is currently working on new music and is about to release her debut single this year, as Ms. Mia.

Clarissa Chai

Asians in Music (AIM), Co-founder
Clarissa is an NZ-born music composer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer who grew up in Malaysia where she lived for 16 years before returning to New Zealand.She currently works with TEAM152 and is part of an indie-folk duo called “Something They Call Myth”


SquareSums&Co is an Auckland-based arts/artist management and creative producing firm led by Yee Yang ‘Square’ Lee and Sums Selvarajan that represents a bespoke roster of performing artists, storytellers, entertainers and works, with a special interest in crossover, cross-cultural and cross-…


Where the Asians At‽ have the kaupapa of advancing Asian visibility and representation in the Aotearoa music industry.WTAA‽ was established as a Facebook community group in September 2021 to search for, connect with, and gather insights from Pan-Asian-Kiwi (PAK) musicians in Aotearoa. WTAA‽ evol…


A space + community + platform to support you to create & share what you love with the world. MoveSpace is a safe haven, a dedicated space for you & your creations to have a home. Where it won’t be met with criticism, but encouragement, not with pragmatism but possibility.Whether you’…
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